Care Instructions

All of Alice’s distinctive fashion pieces are uniquely formed, mounted, drilled, and painted by hand. Materials include: natural gemstones, crystals, nonprecious metals, clay, acrylic paint, and resin.


Some raw gemstones are very delicate and should be worn mindfully. The sculpting clay is highly durable and resistant; however, slamming, banging, and dropping the piece can cause cracking or breakage. 


Do not wear your one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry pieces while bathing, swimming, nor next to other pieces that will rub against their painted settings. 


For occasional spot cleaning of your Alice Waits Collection jewelry, we suggest using a lightly damp cloth with regular soap and water to wipe the piece down—while avoiding the metal component, to prevent tarnish.


Metal necklaces and novel fashion pieces are rust-resistant; however, some metals could tarnish due to natural moisture or chemical compounds in:

  • The air

  • Perfume/fragrances

  • Natural skin oils

  • Acidic compounds coming in contact with your jewelry


Be assured, we spray all metals with Tarnish-Me-Not Hypoallergenic Jewelry Spray prior to working with the piece. Nevertheless, we recommend you occasionally spray your metal pieces with a jewelry protectant spray to maintain the longevity of the metal.


No two jewelry pieces of Alice Waits are identical. Fine jewelry gemstone rings are made by hand, therefore sizing may not be perfect nor entirely accurate. Sizing is based on using a ring sizer and will be labeled using the closest size.