The Totem To Your Inspiration

Alice Waits Collection of natural geode, stone, gem & crystal handmade jewelry are each crafted differently to echo the intention & intrigue of your unique soul.


Alice cultivates novel raw gemstone jewelry pieces melding her love for art, fashion, wellness and spirituality. Living in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, California, her pieces are cut from the same beautiful contrasts: grounding and therapeutic energy pulsing above the chaos of urban life; sensuality and strength—like pure pearls buried in unassuming shells or diamonds poised in the rough.

Alice Waits’ work fuses earth's healing crystal elements with human creativity, pushing the boundaries between fashion and art.


Alice hand selects each gemstone, savoring the mystère & mindfulness, to create one-of-a-kind art deco rock crystal jewelry that syncs with your inner being to aspire, align & ascend.